Monday, February 20, 2017

Part Way Through Clabridine Treatment

Am partway through the Clabridine treatment.  The first set of injections, two injections each of three days, was done four weeks ago and next week we will do another set.  A blood test today will determine the dosages for next week.  Depending on the status of my immune system I will get anywhere from no injections to a full set across another three days.

I have mixed feelings.  I really do not enjoy the trip into the City for this treatment...but...I am hoping that my immune system is still cranking pretty well.  The reason I say that being that my symptoms have continued to advance even over the past weeks.   It is a little worrisome.  Everything is a little worse but most profoundly the over levels of fatigue when I move and the developing weakness in my hands and arms.

On the good news front, and this is questionably the worst good news that some will have ever heard, I have been provisionally approved by Dignitas.  Basically, that means that I can be assured that when the time comes I can choose to end my life rather than be trapped inside a body that no longer functions.  That is good news of a sort.