Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thinking About my Life and MS - Era 2 - 1968 to 1975

The second era of Will - The Hell Years

The title on this section might be a little melodramatic.  On the positive side my adoptive father was not physically violent beyond punching the occasional wall of course.  There are people that have had to deal with a lot worse.  What he was though was angry.  Always angry.  Always shouting.  Always demeaning.  Always belittling.  Always drunk.  Always a combination of all of the above.

From the time that he and my mom were married (and his adoption of me) when I was ten until the time I left home for University I struggle to come up with some good memories.  I just don't have more than a couple... and I mean a couple!  The thing that I remember the most is the shouting.  Day in and out, summer with the windows open, and winter without the neighbors hearing.  Always shouting at someone.  God how I wished him dead.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Thinking About my Life and MS - Era 1 - 1957 to 1968

Thinking About my Life and MS

As one can likely imagine my being diagnosed with MS in 2000 came as a bit of a surprise and not all that pleasant of one.  Interestingly, however, it also marked the end of one era of my life and the beginning of the next which was to be the best.

The first era of Will - The Years of Blissful Ignorance

This was the era of blissful ignorance from birth to age 10.  I lived in North Dakota with my single mother and her parents.  My mother had divorced my birth father shortly after I was born due to circumstances that I have never really asked her about.  Maybe I should be more interested in what happened, and in my birth father, but I never have been and I don't see starting now!

In any case this was a happy time.  Grandma and Grandpa were both rocks.  Grandpa taught me to shoot, took me for long walks in the badlands of ND, and was the father that I did not have (and have not had since).  Grandma was the boss.  She was also a hell of a good baker.   There was also Uncle Stan and Aunt Patty out on the farm with cousins John and Mary.   Many a good time there as well. Once in a while the West Coast Fishers would visit and add Uncle Donnie and Aunt Ruth, and Cousins Rich and Donna, to the mix.  Still more good times.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Still Waiting on Next Treatment Steps

Went into London to see my neuro specialist consultant yesterday but still have no answers re next steps.  Meeting of consultants later this month will feature me as a topic.  The second opinion will be considered at that point though I am not sure what efficacy the off label drug that was suggested will offer...but anything is better than nothing at this point.  Lacking anything else my request is to go back on Copaxone.

Meanwhile my disease continues to progress.  Everything is harder and takes longer.  Getting out of bed, getting up and down stairs, doing what few chores that I am capable of doing.   Even typing has started to become more difficult though not at all times.

Makes one think...